Фотография Владимира Шахиджаняна

At the Literature Summer festival Natasha Fairweather and Gleb Uspensky will talk about changes in the publishing sector (including e-books and social media), why conventional publishing is still vital to both the market and the health of culture. They will also speak about more general ideas of how books can build bridges between cultures where politics and diplomacy may be failing. 

The lecture "Literature and History" will take place at 12.00 on the second stage "Shardam café" in the Muzeon Park of Arts on June, 27, 2015.

Gleb Uspensky

Russian publisher Gleb Uspensky was born in 1959, he spent his childhood in New York, receiving a degree in linguistics in Yury Andropov’s Russia in the 1980s.  He completed in-house training at Random House in 1991. In April 1992 Gleb Uspensky founded VAGRIUS publishing house and ran it until 2011. He currently works in the sphere of digital publishing.