YCE Award 2014 - Broadcast ©

British Council Russia

The YCE broadcast award is aimed at creative professionals and entrepreneurs who innovate creative and cultural industries locally and strive to reach international markets.


We are inviting professionals from any of the following areas:

  • Advertising, branding and PR agencies;
  • Development, production, post-production of broadcast media, including television and internet;
  • Consultants or trade associations providing specialist services in this area;
  • Interactive developers for the internet, digital television, and mobile devices;
  • Experimental media;
  • Consultants providing specialist services in this area;
  • Distribution and/or sales.


In 2014, ten international winners will participate in a shared tour of the UK’s television and multimedia broadcast sector, including three days at the Edinburgh International TV Festival. The programme allows the winners to gain unique access to, and insights into the UK television industry, as well as providing a fantastic opportunity to make a wide range of business contacts that will act as a springboard for future business/collaborations between the UK and internationally. The tour will run from 18 – 24 August 2014.

The programme will include:

  • three days attendance at The Edinburgh International TV Festival
  • curated group meetings to give an overview of what’s happening in the UK media industry
  • peer networking with the international participants and UK broadcast professional entrepreneurs
  • access to, and masterclasses with, senior UK industry figures
  • time for individual business meetings
  • opportunities to network and make business contacts.

The Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival is the essential fixture for everyone in the television industry wanting inspiration, networking, learning and fun. Established in 1976 and attended by over 2000 delegates, the festival has featured hundreds of globally renowned top TV executives as speakers. The Festival is governed by its Executive and Advisory committees, making it the only event both run by and for the television industry. It takes place every August at the heart of Edinburgh festival season.

The award selection will be made by the British Council and in consultation with sector experts.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must:

  • own or be the driving force in a young business in the broadcast media sector with at least two years’ experience, but no more than seven years in business
  • be entrepreneurial and have shown their ability in the promotion of that creative sector in their country, in either a commercial context, public context, or both
  • through their character, drive and abilities, demonstrate their potential to be a future leader of the sector in their country and a future partner for the UK
  • have English language skills to IELTS 6 – ‘competent user’ or above.

Please note, the entire UK tour will be conducted in English so a high competency in the language is essential. While there is no upper age limit for the awards, this is an award for emerging entrepreneurs who are running young businesses.

For more details please contact the programme manager Lidia Khesed.