Education in the UK has been a leader for many years and is highly valued across the world. Universities, colleges and schools in the UK are regularly ranked among the best educational institutions in Europe. Although the British education is still considered to be elite, the percent of foreign students in UK HE institutions is constantly growing, which means that education in the UK is more affordable than it seems at first glance. Thanks to the wide variety of programs, studying in the UK is extremely interesting at any age: you just need to choose what to learn.

Language courses and summer schools in the UK are the most popular type of education among children and teenagers, especially during the summer holidays. This is an ideal immersion in the language environment, which is combined with a pleasant holiday and the chance to gain new knowledge and skills, including international communication as people from all over the world come to Britain to learn English.

Learning English is usually combined with a focus on options such as sports or entertainment, with opportunities for sightseeing. Recently, language schools with an emphasis on art have become popular – the programme may include classes in fashion or graphic design, combined with trips to the Victoria and Albert Museum or the Tate Gallery. Some language schools have joint language programmes for children and parents – while children learn the language with native speakers in a playful way, parents can choose an English program for themselves at the same school.

Older teenagers and students can gain additional benefits from their summer holidays. Many leading universities operate summer schools, and this is a great chance for students not only to improve their language skills, but also to study specific subjects such as business, art, engineering or graphic design. The choice of programmes is huge, and the experience gained is completely unique.

Those who would like to continue their studies abroad on a bachelor's degree programme, but do not have enough knowledge or are not eligible to apply directly due to differences between the UK and Russian systems of education, can study at a College to prepare for exams and to improve their English, or choose a Foundation programme. A Foundation programme is one of the best ways to cover the difference between UK and Russian systems of education and to study English and specialized subjects on a university level. Tutors will help you to write a motivation letter and prepare for higher education. The programme lasts for about a year, which will allow you to decide on the subjects you’d like to focus on, as well as on choosing the location of the university or the institution itself.

Apart from the options above, it is also possible to apply for an undergraduate degree at a UK university via British boarding schools, where education and traditions are harmoniously combined with a modern approach to learning. Boarding schools create a friendly atmosphere for their students. The programmes there focus primarily on gaining practical skills and developing analytical abilities: children learn how to work with information, how to prepare projects independently and in groups, and how to defend their point of view. The curriculum in schools is very intense and interesting: children are taught the basics of business, technology, design and art and many more. British boarding schools educate well-rounded individuals, paying great attention to sports, art, behaviour and speech.

The knowledge gained in a British boarding school will be useful during university studies – here students have to work a lot on their own. By the way, the libraries of British universities work 24/7 for the convenience of students and have completely unique collections.

In general, higher education in the UK is characterized by a practical approach and a close connection with industry. During the training process, special attention is paid to the practical skills of students, which is why all UK universities are well-equipped technically. UK universities invest millions of pounds in laboratories, especially if the research universities produce is in demand among commercial campaigns. For example, the 24 leading British universities that are part of the Russell Group together account for two thirds of all research grants and research contract funding in the UK.

Students have access to highly technically equipped laboratories, so they learn to apply their knowledge not just on abstract examples, but on specific commercial orders. Students work with real cases from industry and solve specific business problems: they might develop a strategy for companies’ development in the market, participate in research or develop a new product design. For example, students from UAL's College of design and fashion can present their graduation collection at London Fashion Week, and the most talented designers can even jet a job offer after the show.

The reason why UK education is in high demand is that alumni of UK universities can find jobs in large companies as their theoretical knowledge is fundamentally supported by practical experience. After completing their studies, they become real specialists, and their knowledge is in high demand for commercial and government organizations. Graduates of business schools have all the necessary skills and knowledge to negotiate with potential clients, investors and partners around the world. The demand for UK education is justified: diplomas from UK universities are recognized all over the world, and the knowledge and skills gained contribute to rapid career growth. From January 2021 the Post-study work visa will be introduced that will allow UK universities’ alumni (both undergraduate and postgraduate) to stay in the UK for two years after graduation to look for a job.

Many universities have their own scholarships available for Russian students, which can be applied for after a student gets a place at the university. Such scholarships generally cover up to 5K GBP, although some UK institutions offer full scholarships that cover full tuition fees. In addition, there is a Chevening scholarship programme that fully covers not just all tuition fees, but also accommodation, personal expenses, visa fees and flights.

To learn more about education in the UK and to choose a programme at a UK university, visit the largest online exhibition of British education in Russia, Study UK, which will be held until December 11. You can book individual meetings with 45 leading UKr universities, and the participation is free. To book your individual meeting with one of 45 universities please follow this link