Saturday 13 March 2021 -
18:00 to 19:30

Both new technologies and art equally define and change the world we live in. Reinterpretation occurs even at the level of what we call reality. Driven by new logic and aesthetics, digital technologies in art challenge our perception.

Chief curator of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Katya Inozemtseva, and art director of FutureEverything, Irini Papadimitriou, discussed current trends and challenges in the visual arts sector: art perception in the digital era, technologies shaping art world and establishing of new media and digitalisation of visual arts.

Among the topics that are now under the scrutiny of artists and curators under the umbrella of FutureEverything programme are nomadic curatorship and new approaches to finding and adapting to places and venues. Irini Papadimitriou presented cases of her practice as a leader of the festival’s creative team.

Katya Inozemtseva, the creator of the Garage Digital programme and curator of such projects as IAM: Ryoji Ikeda installation, which explores the interaction of the artist and the digital world, gave examples of the up-to-date approach to curating arts in the digital environment.

About speakers

Katya Inozemtseva 

Chief Curator at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art since 2020, earlier — Senior Curator.  

Also occupies the post of Academic Supervisor of Master’s Programme “Curatorial Practices in Contemporary Art” by Garage at the Higher School of Economics.

In previous years Katya worked in the Department of Experimental Programs at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, was a curator at Gary Tatintsian Gallery, deputy art director at Proun Gallery, chief curator and deputy director at the Multimedia Art Museum. She has written extensively on Russian contemporary art and the Russian avant-garde.

Irini Papadimitriou 

A curator and cultural manager, whose practice draws on interdisciplinary and critical discourse to explore the impact of technology in society and culture, and the role of art in helping us engage with contemporary issues.

Currently Creative Director at FutureEverything, an arts organisation and innovation lab in Manchester, she was previously Digital Programmes Manager at the V&A and Head of New Media Arts Development at Watermans. Her display, Artificially Intelligent, was exhibited at the V&A in 2018.

She is a co-founder of Maker Assembly, a critical gathering about maker culture, an Imperial War Museum Institute Associate, and an Industry Advisory Group member for SODA (School of Digital Arts) at Manchester Metropolitan University, and an Advisory Board member for ONX Studio, a new major collaboration between Onassis USA and New Museum’s cultural incubator NEW INC.

She has been a co-curator for the Arts & Culture experience at Mozilla Festival and a recipient of curatorial research programmes including MOBIUS (Finnish Institute), Art Fund, Mondriaan Fonds and British Council. Irini has served as a jury member for Prix Ars Electronica, D&AD Awards, Lumen Prize, EU STARTS and ACM Siggraph.