Thursday 16 April 2015 -
16:00 to 18:00
The British Council office, Moscow

We invite English teachers to the British Council office in Moscow to the seminar Euphemisms in Contemporary British Culture.

Comedians make fun of euphemisms, bloggers collect them, marketing managers use them to increase sales, politicians resort to them to manipulate public opinion. They are buzz words. So it is not surprising that euphemisms are often chosen as objects of linguistic research and are quite popular with students who chose them for project work. Euphemisms can be studied from the perspective of linguistic pragmatics, sociolinguistics, using the method of discourse analysis, in terms of semantics and word-formation, however, dealing with euphemisms in the context of culture usually arouses the maximum interest among students. Knowledge of language and cultural taboos, etiquette norms and social values ​​are an integral part of linguistic and cultural awareness. The workshop will address the following questions:

  1. In what areas can euphemisms be found?
  2. Which ones are worth discussing with students and at what age?
  3. In what form can «sensitive» topics be discussed?
  4. What kind of projects can be offered to students who are interested in euphemisms? The use of euphemisms in advertising.
  5. The use of euphemisms in the media.
  6. How have linguistic taboos changed over the past decades in the UK?
  7. What tasks can be offered to students to learn how to use euphemisms in different types of discourse?

The entrance is free, the registration is required.


Dr. Ekaterina Toroptseva — Professor at Moscow State Regional University, studied British Literature in Norwich Institute for Language Education (UK).