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The winner is Gleb Lisichkin, Art Director of Masterskaya club, Director of Kometa Music agency.

Gleb Lisichkin is an independent music promoter. He graduated from Russian State University for the Humanities (faculty of social science), worked in this field for 2 months and after that switched to the musical journalism. He started as a journalist Vice, Rolling Stone, Play etc., after that he started working in the field of production, worked as a promoter of Alina Orlova and Cheese People. Gleb Lisichkin worked for EMI/Gala Records and Snegiri Music record labels, he also was a Programming Director of Bosco Fresh Fest. Since September 2013 he has been working as an Art Director of Masterskaya club.

 As a winner of YCE live music award Gleb will take part in the professional development programme which will take place from 4th to 11th May 2014 in London and in Brighton. The programme will include curated group meetings with representatives of the international live music market, visit to The Great Escape festival, round tables and discussions with the winners from other countries. 

Since being founded in 2006, The Great Escape has been firmly established internationally as the leading event for showcasing new music. Taking place in Brighton, The Great Escape kick starts the festival season, introducing 15,000 music lovers to the key artists and sounds of the year. With over 300 bands playing in 30 venues over 3 days, The Great Escape is a key date in the music calendar.

Running alongside the main festival is The Great Escape Convention: a variety of insightful industry talks, panel debates, targeted networking sessions and keynote speakers. It brings together 3000 delegates annually from across the globe to discuss, evaluate and share new approaches that are emerging for developing, launching and monetising artists and music rights. Panellists confirmed so far include:

Finalists of YCE live music award:

Tatiana Apeykina — Founder of Follow me online radio.

Alexander Khmelevsky — Director of Lion is The Sun music agency.
As a finalist Alexander receives a grant from RMA academy for the 1 year course Management in the industries of music and entertainment;

Olga Duka — Director of Improve music agency.
As a finalist Olga receives a certificate for the events at Dewar’s Power House.

Boris Elatomtsev — Director of JBC Promotion music agency.
As a finalist, Boris receives books All you need to know about the music business by D.Passman and Change by Design by T.Brown.


In 2014 the British Council celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award (YCE) Programme. The international programme has been running in Russia for several years, and the YCE 2014 programme has been scaled up significantly as part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014.

The YCE Awards are aimed at creative professionals and entrepreneurs who innovate creative and cultural industries locally and strive to reach international markets.

We are inviting professionals from any of the following areas:

  • Venue and/or festival programming and management;
  • Live act management and agents;
  • Live music broadcasting;
  • Live music journalism and publishing;
  • Music development & management;
  • Music marketing; public and media relations;
  • Consultants providing specialist services in any of the areas outlined.



Alexander Gorbachev
Afisha Magazine, Chief Editor

Alexander graduated from the Philological Faculty of the Russian University of Humanities and completed the Cultural Journalism course at the ProArte Institute. His first publications appeared in the magazines October and Live Literature. In 2003, he launched a web-site; Muscience focused on the Russian pop scene, and later became a music columnist for Zvuki.ru. In 2005 Alexander joined Afisha Magazine as an observer, and in 2011 took the post of deputy chief editor. Since 2013, he has acted as chief editor of Afisha Magazine.
Alexander compiled a CD No Oil. No Stress. No Noise, edited a book A History of the Russian Media: 1989–2011. Afisha’s Version, and initiated a tribute project «Delai menya tochno» by Afisha. In 2010–2012 he was nominated for the Stepnoi Volk Award.


Dmitri Stepanov
Yandex, Head of Media Services

Dmitri ran marketing positions in several online companies in Russia — Mail.ru, RBK, Afisha, Rambler. He launched a number of large scale projects — Afisha Picnic, Afisha Eda festival, RBK hosting centre, Sports.ru and several popular bars and restaurants.
Dmitri is a lecturer at the Higher School of Economics and the State University of Management. He is a member of the Council of Moscow Public Spaces’ Development. He is named as one of the 30 most influential Runet people by Forbes.


Igor Tonkikh
Feelee Records, Feelee Promotion, Director

Igor is a Russian musical entrepreneur, runs a promotion company and a number of publishing projects, as well as developing a national chain of clubs.
Igor joined the music industry in the mid-eighties. In 1986 he managed the first rock concert in Gorbunov’s House of Culture, and in 1987 founded a club of discophiles there. The club converted into the largest audio market in Russia — the legendary Gorbushka. In 1988 Igor founded Feelee Management & Record Company, which managed the first concerts of famous Ukrainian rock musicians including Vopli Vidoplyasova, Kolezhski Asessor, and Rabbota Kho. Since 1988 the Feelee Company has organized hundreds of concerts of Russian and foreign musicians.
In 1998 the company divided into two separate parts: Feelee Management run by Alexander Larin, which is based at Gorbunov’s House of Culture and organizes concerts, and Feelee Records and Feelee Promotion, run by Igor.


Valeri Prosvirov
Snegiri Music, General Director and Co-Founder

Snegiri Music is one of the leading record labels in Russia founded in 1999.It worked with a number of famous artists and bands such as Naik Borzov, Evgeni Grishkovets, Alina Orlova, Undervud Band, 2H Company, Yolochnie Igrushki, Khoronko Orchestra, Biplan, Lakmus, Nozh Dlya Frau Muller, Kassiopea, Cheese people, NetSlov, Everything is made in China, Varya Demidova, The Retuses, Igor Vdovin, Ifwe and many others. The company also has a sub-label «Sh2» focused on chanson music.

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