As part of two-day music forum Selector PRO we will organize a thematic music market where you can buy major foreign magazines, literature about music, vinyl records from three best Moscow stores and find our new Selector PRO merchandise.



Lebigmag is Russia's first store collection of the most important printed periodicals from all over the world. The range includes over 100 magazines about contemporary culture, art, fashion, design, architecture, film, music, gastronomy and more. Reading rooms and corners can be found in Moscow and St. Petersburg and the internet kiosk delivers nationwide.


DiG is an independent record store from Moscow that has been supplying the most different and coolest music to devoted fans across Russia for over 5 years. In addition, two releases have been launched as part of the label, as well as several concerts, listening sessions, lectures and parties. The store owners also support both local and foreign artists and labels.

"The Good Hipster"

The"Good Hipster" shop offers a wide range of vinyl, of interest not only to hipsters, but to all music lovers. Here you can find both new items and rare records. Besides selling, this vinyl store is ready to buy or exchange valuable disks.

Timur Omar

Timur Omar is a Moscow DJ and record collector with 30 years’ experience. He has released experimental music on vinyl/CD and organized small festivals in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl. Timur Omar is a resident DJ at one of the oldest clubs in Moscow: “Propoganda” and a frequent participant in "Arma17" parties. The market Selector PRO will showcase a wide range of music from classic rock to industrial.

Kh is a young clothing brand, offering a new philosophy of casual style, connecting simple T-shirts and sweatshirts with unique prints, created in collaboration with artists, stylists and designers. The Kh team tries to create high quality, natural, stylish clothes at an affordable price.


Young Russian brand "NEBO1" was born in early 2015. Creating a musical line of sweatshirts and T-shirts, "NEBO1" moved away from the banal and boring prints of music bands to create their own independent style. Also, "NEBO1" officially develops merchandise for some Russia’s top teams and artists.

Inostrannaya Pressa Inostrannaya Pressa (Foreign Press)

The company Inostrannaya Pressa (Foreign Press) is at the market for over 13 years in Russia. Online-shop offers a variety of foreign magazines and books from all over the world, print publications about cult figures (books, posters, interviews etc), rare 70s, 80s and 90s editions, calendars, art books and photo albums. At the music market you will be able to purchase latest issues of DAZED, The Q, The WIRE, Rolling Stones, I-D and NME magazines.