Monday 15 February 2021 to Sunday 28 February 2021

The RUSH initiative, which promotes young and promising Russian musicians by enabling them to perform on the international scene, and CMU, the biggest news provider to the UK music business, will conduct a free online course “CRASH START: Basics of a Career in Music” aimed at emerging musicians, music producers, managers, and other professionals in the industry.

The course will be held as part of the UK-Russia Creative Bridge 2020-21 and will be available starting 15 February 2021 on the project website.

Performing arts took a massive hit during the pandemic. The last year has shown that online events cannot replace traditional real-world concerts and provide much-needed interaction between performer and audience. At the same time, the year 2020 revealed the tremendous potential of online education and motivated experts of the RUSH initiative to create “CRASH START: Basics of a Career in Music”.

RUSH has developed the course in partnership with CMU, a team of music industry experts that identify, research, and explain global trends in the music industry. With truly independent reporting, comment, and analysis on the whole business of music, CMU helps navigate and understand all the many complexities and innovations in the industry. Its editorial team produces a daily newsletter, releases a music business podcast Setlist, and consults such industry giants as Sony Music, Warner Music and Soundcloud. No wonder that the British showcase festival “The Great Escape” trusts CMU to programme the convention side of The Great Escape Festival. Many other international music festivals from Norwegian Vill Vill Vest in Norway to Canadian Music Week are eager to have CMU as experts.

The course aims to provide an impetus to young Russian musicians and bands and help them overcome the implications of the pandemic. The course pays special attention to the practical foundations of a career in the music industry to help you learn the components of almost every successful music project.

The course consists of four parts:

Generating income: copyright ownership; making money from streaming and selling merch; why do we need direct sales, different distribution platforms and business partnerships

Building your team: the benefits of working with like-minded people; how to collaborate with other musicians, business partners, companies, and brands

Growing your fan base: why do musicians need a well-thought-out image; communication channels with the audience; the role of social networks and digital marketing in self-promotion and growing your brand

Promoting yourself: the principles behind successful marketing campaigns and release promotion strategies; how to use media and streaming opportunities in advertising campaigns; how to work with distributors and labels

The video course will be beneficial for young musicians, producers, managers, marketing specialists and other professionals in the music industry. During the first week of the project, from February 15 to February 20, course participants will be able to ask questions. The curators will pick the five most interesting questions, answer them together with CMU experts and publish a digital Q&A.