Future Culture is a professional development programme that aims to connect existing and emerging cultural professionals in Russia and the UK to help the cultural sector develop new ideas and knowledge, skills and networks to drive collaborations and partnerships between Russia and the UK. 

Future Culture is a programme of activities designed to facilitate cultural networking by offering cultural leadership and cultural management courses in Russia and the UK, organising study visits to key UK arts festivals and showcases and running workshops and public lectures by arts professionals from Russia and the UK.

Future Culture is delivered by the British Council, in partnership with a number of Russian cultural institutions, with funding from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Past projects

  • Creating communities through art” workshop (12-13 March, 2018)
  • Workshop "Digital technologies in culture" (3-4 March, 2018)
  • International Research Vipper Conference ‘Classics and Contemporaneity. Reflections’. Lectures by Peter Osborne and Matthew Gale (26-28 February, 2018)
  • Leading Culture in the 21st Century: a programme for Russian cultural leaders (19-23 February 2018) 
  • Russian delegation to London Fashion Week (16-20 February 2018) 
  • Russian delegation to REMIX London (18-19 January 2018) 
  • Festival Management workshop with Paul Reed (10 February 2018)
  • A grant for a fashion-focused study trip to the UK (16-22 February 2018) 
  • Series of lectures "Theories and practices of cultural leadership" (15 November 2017 - 1 March 2018)
  • Cultural Skills Academy workshops for practitioners working in art and culture (12-28 February 2018) 
  • Individual Bursaries for professional development in the cultural and creative sectors (October 2017 - March 2018) 
  • Conference "Museums: where the past and future of cities meet" (1-2 December 2017)
  • UK programme at VI St Petersburg International Cultural Forum (November 2017)
  • Creative enterprise workshop (November 2017)
  • Grants to attend the conference of independent music festivals AIF Festival Congress (30-31 October 2017)
  • Grants to attend Celtic Connections music festival (31 January - 4 February 2018) 
  • 61st BFI London Film Festival (October 2017)
  • Workshop "Museum Leadership School" (15-22 October 2017)
  • Seminar "Community reconstruction: the British approach to public spaces"(October 2017)
  • Emma Dexter's public lecture "From national to international: contemporary art from the UK on the world stage" (19 September 2017)
  • Grants to attend the British Council Showcase (August 2017)
  • Public panel discussion "Art as Labour" (13 August 2017)